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How To Submit 

  1. Login or create your account using the form on the left

  2. After you have created your account you'll be prompted to submit your entry. Click here to begin your entry.

    If you are interrupted and don't have time to complete your entry your entry will be saved as IN PROGRESS until you have time to complete it.

    If you forgot your password click "lost password"

    Any required fields that are not filled in will be highlighted in red when you hit SAVE

  3. ​When your entry is complete click ADD TO CART

  4. At this point, you can either ENTER ANOTHER SUBMISSION or CHECKOUT

  5. At CHECKOUT submit your credit card details and click PROCESS

    Only click PROCESS one time! 

Troubleshooting Your Electronic Entry

Problem: I keep hitting SAVE but my entry is not saving

Try This: Review your entry and confirm any required field is filled in or checked.

Problem: I did NOT receive a confirmation email after submitting my entry

  • confirm you entered an accurate email address
  • confirmation emails are sent once payment is submitted